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How Do I Get Free Cox Internet Without Breaking The Bank

Cox Communications is one of the private organizations working with the government to provide free internet to low-income families. It participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), through which the Federal government provides a monthly discount on internet bills.

For many low-income families, having access to free internet is a must. Without it, they cannot function normally. But how do you get free Cox internet? This article explains everything you should know about the ACP eligibility criteria and application process.

How Cox Free Internet Works

Are you seeking free internet from Cox Communications? You must meet the ACP qualification criteria to get anywhere close to getting free internet. The ACP, or Affordable Connectivity Program, is a Federal initiative that gives low-income families access to free or subsidized internet.

The ACP is a recent creation, replacing the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) on December 31, 2021. It subsidizes monthly internet bills for qualifying families by $30 (or $75 on Tribal Lands). With any Cox Communications internet plans, you can get free or discounted internet.

The following are some of the Cox Communications internet deals that come free of charge courtesy of the ACP:

  • Cox ConnectAssist: The ConnectAssist internet plan provides speeds of up to 100Mbps for $30. Therefore, you will enjoy free internet with the ACP $30 discount. It’s suitable for email, moderate web surfing, and social networking. The plan’s benefits include a free Wi-Fi modem, unlimited data for 12 months, and a no-charge connection.
  • Cox Connect2Compete: Cox Connect2Compete is the company’s entry-level plan. For only $9.95 per month, users enjoy data speeds of up to 100Mbps. It is one of the best ways to get Cox free internet using the $30 ACP subsidy. User benefit from Easy Connect self-installation, no charge, no deposit, and no credit check. The internet plan is suitable for email, moderate web surfing, homework for students, and social networking. Students may also enroll in the Cox Digital Academy for free.
  • Other Cox Plans: Besides these two internet plans, Cox Communications has other plans that may not be free even with the $30 plan. However, with the $75 subsidy on Tribal Lands, you can get free internet through these plans. The plans include Cox StraightUp Internet for $50 and Cox Essential 100 for $49.99. Both of these plans offer internet speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Qualification Criteria for Cox Free Internet

Getting Cox free internet involves qualifying for the ACP discount. The qualification criteria are based on your annual family income and benefit from government assistance. If you benefit from Lifeline Assistance, you’ll automatically qualify for the ACP. Here’s a detailed review of the various ways in which you can qualify for free internet from Cox Communications:

1. Lifeline Benefits

Are you a beneficiary of Lifeline Assistance? The Federal government established the Lifeline program to help needy families with free phone services. Participants get a free phone and $9.25 towards their monthly phone bills. Members of tribes get a $34.25 subsidy.

Benefitting from Lifeline Assistance gives you express entry into the ACP. You do not need to make a new application. Eligibility for Lifeline Assistance is income below 135% of poverty guidelines. That falls perfectly within the 200%ACP income requirements.

Once you join the ACP, you’ll be able to get both the ACP and Lifeline discounts. That enables you to get better internet deals from Cox Communications. Therefore, you do not have to restrict yourself to free internet deals.

2. Lifeline Assistance Eligibility

Many people who qualify for Lifeline Assistance do not participate in it. Either they meet the 135% annual income requirements or participate in programs that make it possible for them to participate in the Lifeline program. The following are the Federal assistance programs that make it possible for you to qualify for Lifeline Assistance:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): Possibly, you benefit from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program due to your low-income status. The program is for needy families that require support to feed themselves. Each eligible family gets an Electronic Benefit Funds Transfer Card (EFBTC), which they use to buy food from eligible stores. Participating in SNAP is a testament that you qualify for Cox Free Internet.
  • Medicaid: Many families across the United States get government support in paying for their medical bills. The Medicaid program makes it possible for these families to get medical services free of charge. Since these families are needy, they can qualify for free internet from Cox Communications courtesy of the ACP.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): The Federal government provides supplemental security income to adults and children with disabilities. However, the beneficiaries must meet specific income thresholds. Therefore, you possibly have a family member benefitting from SSI. You may use their program documents to apply for free internet from Cox Communications.
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance: Do you get assistance from the Federal government to pay your monthly rent? Through the program, the government assists needy families with their monthly rent. Therefore, getting monthly rent grants shows you’re needy and enables you to qualify for free internet from Cox Communications.
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefits: Wartime veterans who got injured in the line of service or are aged get a pension from the government. Where the veterans die in wartime, their families get government benefits. With documents proving benefit from any of these funds is evidence enough for you to get Cox Communications free internet.
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): TANF is a time-limited program that assists families with children who cannot get support from their parents. It provides support to help parents to meet their children’s basic needs. TANF is one of the Lifeline-eligible programs that help you qualify for the ACP.

3. Tribal Assistance Programs

Are you a tribe member? You can get free internet from Cox Communications using the $75 ACP discount. Apart from having an annual household income of up to 200% of poverty guidelines, you may qualify by participating in some Tribal assistance programs. Here are the ACP-eligible Tribal assistance programs:

  • Tribal TANF: Tribe members have a specialized TANF program that helps parents from needy families meet their children’s basic needs. TANF provides temporary support until parents can find work or improve their economic situation. Families that benefit from Tribal TANF can get free internet from Cox Communications.
  • Tribal Head Start: Children from low-income families on Tribal Lands have fewer chances of succeeding in their quest for education. Therefore, the government has established the Tribal Head Start program to kick-start these children’s quest for education. The government provides free meals, round-trip transport, and structured learning experiences. Families in the program can use it to get the ACP discount.
  • Food Distribution Program on Tribal Lands (FDPIR): Through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the government distributes food to members of tribes and natives of Alaska. Families that get that assistance are needy and eligible for Cox Communications’ free internet. They can use their program documents to apply for the ACP discount.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance: Low-income families on Tribal Lands need support for their basic needs. They get general assistance through the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The money the families get goes towards paying for food, shelter, and clothing. A statement of benefit from this program is enough to help a family get a $75 discount.

4. ACP-Only Assistance Programs

Some assistance programs can help you qualify for the ACP, but not Lifeline Assistance. You only need to benefit from one of these programs to apply for the ACP subsidy. The following are the ACP-only programs:

  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program: Women, infants, and children get assistance for their nutrition needs via this program. Since the families that benefit from WIC are needy, they also meet the ACP eligibility criteria. Thus, they can get free internet from Cox Communications.
  • Federal Pell Grant: The Federal Pell Grant helps undergraduate students to pay for university education. These students come from families. Therefore, their families can qualify for free internet using documentation from the program.
  • School National Lunch Program (SNLP): Does any of your children benefit from the SNLP? The Federal government provides funds for free or subsidized breakfast and lunch for K-12 learners. A good example is the USDA program for students in community schools. Any document from these programs can help you prove eligibility for the ACP.

5. Income Below 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines

What’s your annual household income? Household income refers to the aggregate of all incomes made by family members in a year. Your household qualifies for the ACP program if the income is less than twice the poverty guidelines. Here are the poverty guidelines for 2022 and the corresponding ACP income limits:

No. of family or household membersFederal Poverty Guidelines for 2022 (48 states and Washington DC)ACP income thresholds (48 states and Washington DC)Federal poverty guideline for 2022 (Hawaii)ACP Income thresholds (Hawaii)Federal poverty guidelines for 2022 (Alaska)ACP Income thresholds (Alaska)
Each additional family/ household member$4,720$9,440$5,430$10,860$5,900$11,800

Poverty guidelines vary from one state to another. That means the applicable income limits also change based on where one lives. In most states and Washington, DC, a five-member family should have a $64,940 annual income to participate in the ACP. A six-member household in these states requires a $74,380 income. The difference between these income limits is $9,440, representing the change due to each additional member.

Hawaii residents have a different set of poverty guidelines. In the island state, a five-member family must have an annual income of up $74,700 to get free Cox internet. A six-member Hawaiian family should have an income below $85,560 to participate in the ACP. The second family pays $10,860 more than the first, thanks to the additional member.

Alaskans have perhaps the widest poverty guidelines in the entire United States. Hence it is easier for an Alaskan to qualify for the ACP than a person living in another state. A five-member Alaskan family must have an $81,180 annual income to get free internet from Cox Communications. In the same state, a six-member family requires an income below $92,980. Considering the $11,800 difference adding a family member results in the most significant change in the ACP income limits.

How to Apply for Cox Free Internet

Free Cox Internet

When the time comes for you to apply for Cox Free Internet, you must start by checking whether or not you qualify for it. You may do that through the National Verifier website, which is operated by the Universal Services Administration Company (USAC). You may submit your application in any of the following ways:

1. Cox Communications

Having checked your ACP eligibility STATUS, you should head straight to the Cox Communications website to complete the application form. Alternatively, you may apply via the Connect2Compete website. Finally, you can call Cox Communications customer service at 1-855-222-3252. Cox Communications will direct you on the steps to take in any of these options. They may require you to provide your National Verifier ID.

2. ACP Online

You can apply for the ACP online through the ACP, Lifeline, or National Verifier website. You’ll fill out and submit an application form on any of these websites. Online application is not only convenient but also enables near-instant approval. You’ll attach digital copies of the necessary documents to prove your identity and eligibility.

3. Mail-In Application

If you prefer a mail-in application, you can download, print, and fill out the form. After attaching the necessary documents, you can attach hard copies of the necessary documents and mail them to the following address: ACP Support Center, P.O. Box 7081, London, KY 40742

Given the time it takes to apply via snail mail, it could be a while before you get approved for free internet from Cox Communications. You’ll be notified about the approval of your application via SMS or snail mail.

Which Documents Should You Attach to Your Application

There are several documents you must attach to an online or offline application. They enable you to prove your identity and eligibility. Here are the documents you need:

1. Documents to Identify Yourself

Your application for the ACP can only be completed if you identify yourself. Eligible identity documents should contain your name, SSN (Social Security Number), and date of birth (DoB). Any of the following documents would do the trick:

  • US or foreign passport
  • A birth certificate
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Immigrant certificate of citizenship or naturalisation
  • A federal, state, military, or Tribal ID

2. Income-Eligibility Documents

How much money do you make in your family annually? Collect all the documents showing each family member’s earnings to prove your income. Admissible documents will have your name, annual income, and the paying entity. If you earn weekly or monthly, attach all documents showing how much you make yearly. You may prove your annual income using any of the following documents:

  • The previous year’s Tribal, Federal, or state tax returns
  • Social Security, Worker’s Compensation, Pension, or Veterans Administration, statement of benefit
  • 12-month paycheck stubs
  • Child support award or divorce decree
  • Any other document with annual family income

3. Assistance Program Documents

Whether you participate in Federal, state, or Tribal assistance, you need specific documents to validate your application. Suitable proof of assistance documents should contain the name of the entity providing assistance and the beneficiary’s name. Your document should be current and unlikely to expire in more than 12 months. Any of the following documents should do the trick:

  • Program approval letter
  • Benefits award letter
  • Program verification letter
  • School documents for children
  • Program statement of benefits

4. Additional Documents

The Cox free internet is mainly for adults. Minors get to benefit by being part of the household. However, emancipated minors may also apply for the ACP by providing a certificate of emancipation or effective court order.

Besides, all applicants should provide proof-of-address documents containing the same address they filled into their application. Acceptable documents include bank statements, utility bills, etc.

Advantages of Cox Free Internet

Cox Communications has several plans through which you can get free internet. They include Cox Connect Assist and Cox Connect2Compete. You’ll enjoy free internet from these plans with the ACP $30 discount. Other plans like the Cox Straight Up Internet and Cox Essential 100 may cost you some bucks unless you get the $75 Tribal Lands subsidy.

The following are the benefits you will get from the Cox free internet:

  • Internet speeds up to 100Mbps
  • Free Wi-Fi modem
  • Unlimited data for 12 months
  • No-charge connection
  • No contract
  • No credit check
  • No deposit

The Bottom Line

Are you looking for free internet from Cox Communications? If so, you have come to the right place. Cox free internet is available to needy families that qualify for the ACP. Anyone can get free internet if their annual income is less than twice the poverty guidelines or they benefit from an assistance program.

Application for free Cox internet can be on the Cox or Connect2Compete websites. Alternatively, applicants may use the National Verifier, ACP, or Lifeline websites. Alternatively, you may call Cox and provide your National Verifier ID.

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