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The 10 Best Free Internet Apps for Android & iOS

Has the data plan you purchased gotten exhausted when you still need to use the internet? Then you know how expensive and frustrating it can be to recharge or purchase a new plan altogether. Furthermore, the cost of paying for an internet service connection from an ISP is increasing daily.

It is almost impossible to live without the internet nowadays, given the important role it plays in everyday life. People use it to connect with their loved ones, take online classes, work remotely, entertain themselves, and even stay up-to-date with current news.

What if you can’t afford hefty internet costs? Then you can opt for a free internet app that will provide you with an internet connection once you download it. Fortunately, this article will share some of the best ones available online, so keep reading to find out.

What Is a Free Internet App, Exactly

This is an application that allows you to enjoy an internet connection at no cost. Most of the free internet apps work by rewarding you with free data that you can use to access the internet after you download and install them on your phone. Some of them may require you to complete some tasks online for them to offer you free data.

To gain access to the Internet, you must typically purchase mobile data plans or pay for service from an Internet service provider. The ISP then assigns you an IP address that your device uses to connect to the internet. However, free internet apps help you bypass this process.

WiFi finder applications, which also assist you in accessing free internet, locate all WiFi networks in a specific location and retrieve all pertinent information about them.These may include WiFi credentials, signal strength, channel, band, and vendor.

Information gathered by different WiFi finders may vary depending on the specific app. But generally, all WiFi finders share this information with you once you download and install their apps. This will enable you to browse freely in different locations where WiFi networks are available.

The 10 Best Free Internet Apps to Download 

Free Internet Apps

There are many free internet apps that you can download from the Google Play Store or App Store to help you go online without incurring any cost. Some of the apps on this list are specifically designed for Android phones, but most of them can function on both Android and iOS phones.

Below are some of the most popular ones, in no particular order of rank.

1. Gigato

Gigato has been in operation for a while now. It is also among the most widely used apps on our list. Gigato basically rewards you with a certain amount of data when you download and use the apps that it recommends to you.

To get free data from Gigato, follow the procedure below:

  • Visit the Google Play Store and download Gigato free of charge.
  • Install it on your phone.
  • Launch the app, and it will give you a list of different apps that you can choose from.
  • You will need to download and use one of these apps in order to earn free data.

Don’t worry, the amount of free data that you will earn will always surpass the amount consumed when you use the recommended app. For example, if you download and exhaust 150 MB of data on Voot, Gigato will award you 200 MB.

2. DataBack App

The DataBack app provides a convenient way for Android users to get free internet. It does this by saving the mobile data that you consume every month. Whether you’re on 2G, 3G, or 4G, Databack will enable you to save as much as 300 MB monthly.

This data will come in handy once you exhaust the ones that you already purchased. It acts as a backup that you can use to perform your normal internet operations. Additionally, Databack awards you 50 MB of data when you refer a friend to the app and they download it. 

If you want free internet from DataBack, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Google Play Store and install the app on your phone
  • Fill in the details required, such as your name, email ID, phone number, and referral code, if you have any. Select “Apply”
  • Complete the phone number verification process
  • Start making referrals to earn data
  • You can redeem the data once it reaches 120 MB

3. KickBit App

If you love shopping online or taking simple online surveys, then this is the perfect free internet app for you. KickBit awards you free data every time you participate in surveys that they recommend. They also give you free data when you shop at specific online stores.

Their app is very easy to download from the Google Play store. However, you will need to have a Verizon Wireless smartphone to access free mobile data once you’ve downloaded their app.

Using the KickBit app to get data is very simple.

  • Download the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store.
  • Input your details and complete a contact number verification process using the OTP code sent to you
  • You will be immediately awarded free data once you sign up
  • Refer friends, and you will earn bonus points that you can redeem later

4. mCent

Like the first app on our list, mCent awards you data credits when you download and install their application. Once you download the app from the Google Play Store, mCent will display a couple of free apps that you will also need to install on your phone.

Installing these apps makes you eligible for free credits. You can use these credits to replenish your data, minutes, and SMS. Additionally, you can earn extra data credits by participating in brand surveys that mCent offers.

Here’s how you can use mCent to cut down on internet costs:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the mCent app
  • Install it on your phone and sign up for free
  • You will earn some points for installing the app
  • Download, install, and test the apps mCent recommends to you to earn credits
  • You can redeem these credits later and use them to recharge your prepaid mobile data

5. Earn Talktime

Earn Talktime gives you rewards every time you download and use specific apps on your phone, like Gigato and mCent. The difference? This app awards you talk time, while the other two apps award data.

The great thing is that you can redeem data using the talk time that you have just earned. You will need to check the Earn Talktime app regularly to see what offers they have in store. This is because their daily offers are limited. Unfortunately, this limits the total rewards you earn.

Earn Talktime is extremely simple to use:

  • Download the Earn Talktime app from the Google Playstore
  • Register your phone number and verify it
  • Complete simple tasks such as an online survey and referring friends to earn free talktime or mobile recharge

6. InstaBridge

InstaBridge is an internet application that was specifically developed for smartphone users who wanted to share their Wi-Fi credentials with other people. Gradually, it developed into an app that helps mark out places with free WiFi and an online directory for Wi-Fi credentials.

The app also lets you know the performance of each network and how far they are from you. Once you download it on your phone, it can direct you to the nearest Wi-Fi spot and help you instantly connect.

In the event that another, stronger Wi-Fi network is available in the vicinity, the app will automatically switch you to it. Instabridge is compatible with both Android and iOS, so you can look for it in the respective app store.

To connect to WiFi on Android using Instabridge, follow this procedure:

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store
  • Launch the app and it will display a list of WiFi using connection icons
  • Select one connection icon to access a specific WiFi network
  • If you can’t find any WiFi, select the walking icon to locate one nearby

For iOS users:

  • Go to settings and select WiFi
  • If there is any WiFi listed on Instabridge nearby, you will be given the option to “Connect with Instabridge” to that WiFi
  • Select that WiFi to connect

7. Swagbucks

The Swagbucks app is a great way to earn free gift cards and cash for carrying out simple tasks such as answering online surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. Currently, Swagbucks offers $5 free to anyone who joins and undertakes these tasks. You can use the cash earned to purchase mobile data plans.

You can get free internet on Swagbucks by going through the following process.

  • Download the Swagbucks app and install it on your phone or tablet
  • Sign up for free and get a sign-up bonus
  • Complete some online surveys, review ads, or test new products to earn cash that you can use to purchase mobile data

8. Freedom Pop

FreedomPop is a wireless service provider that allows you to enjoy free text, talk, and data every month. Specifically, it gives you 500 MB of data, 200 minutes of talk time, and 500 texts every month.

However, you will need to have a FreedomPop SIM card or mobile phone in order to enjoy their free benefits. Although their paid plans provide more benefits, their free plan still provides enough data for light browsing once you download their app and sign up.

To earn free data on an Android or iOS phone:

  • Get the MyFreedom Pop app from Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • Complete offers, take surveys, or shop online to earn MBs
  • Use the MBs you’ve earned to browse freely online

9. Avast WiFi Finder

Avast has gained immense popularity in recent times. This app helps you scan for free WiFi networks available in your area. It is free to download and very convenient to use. Some of its main features include:

  • Passwords for various networks shared by the Avast Community
  • Numerous active access points all over the globe
  • Smart connection to access points within your vicinity
  • Carries out an analysis to determine how secure the networks in your area are
  • Free internet speed tests

10. SpeedSpot WiFi Finder

This app was developed to help users locate nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. SpeedSpot WiFi Finder not only helps you locate hotspots, but also ranks them in terms of speed. This app also has Wi-Fi maps that you can easily download and refer to later.

SpeedSpot displays WiFi networks using different color schemes depending on their strength and potential use, such as playing games, sending emails, browsing, and streaming. This app comes with some magnificent features, including:

  • Authentic WiFi credentials
  • Finds dependable WiFi hotspots
  • Offline WiFi maps that you can use to locate WiFi hotspots
  • Displays WiFi spots differently, for example, restaurants, libraries, bars, or schools are all displayed differently.


Using a free internet app is the best way to browse the web on your phone or tablet without incurring any costs. However, you should be extra cautious when searching for free internet apps. 

This will help you avoid downloading malicious apps that could potentially bring you harm. Always check the feedback and ratings to determine their legitimacy.

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