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How to Use FreedomPop Free Internet (A Comprehensive Guide)

Freedom Pop is one of the largest mobile virtual network providers (MVNOs) in the United States. It provides free internet to eligible low-income families through its initiative or the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

However, many people have no idea what it takes to get free internet from FreedomPop. If you’re wondering how to get FreedomPop free internet, this article provides all the details you need.

How to Use FreedomPop Free Internet via the Company’s Initiative

FreedomPop provides free internet to all new customers signing up with the service provider for the first time. After paying the initial $5 for a FreedomPop SIM card, the company will activate your free plan.

The FreedomPop free internet plan provides 10 minutes talk, 10 texts, and 25MB of data. With such limited benefits, the plan is only suitable for emergencies when you go a lot and need to talk for too long.

Of course, you can upgrade to a higher plan if you want more talk time, texts, and data. The paid-for plans start at $15 for 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data. If you qualify for the ACP, use it to access these plans.

How to Use FreedomPop Free Internet via the ACP

The Affordable Connectivity Program was established on December 31, 2021, by the US government to provide free internet services to low-income families across the country. It is operated by the Universal Services Administration Company (USAC) under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Through the ACP, the government provides a $30 subsidy on monthly internet bills for low-income families. For Tribe members, the ACP subsidy is worth $75.

You can apply the ACP subsidy on any of the paid-for internet plans. If the project costs less than $30, you’ll end up with free internet. Otherwise, you have to top it up to get the desired data.

Some of the FreedomPop internet plans you may get include the following:

  • $15 for 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data
  • $23 for 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and 4GB of data
  • $30 for 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and 10GB of data
  • $17 for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data
  • $25 for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 4GB of data
  • $35 for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 10GB of data
  • $55 for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited data

The first five FreedomPop plans should be available for free with the $30 ACP subsidy while the last two would require you to top up $5 and $25, respectively. However, with the $75 Tribal subsidy, all the plans are free.

Besides the $30 or $75 subsidy, you can also get a one-time $100 discount to buy an internet-ready device such as a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. The program requires you to co-pay $10 to $50 to get the discount for the internet-ready device. Each qualifying household gets only one benefit at a time. After 12 months, you must recertify your eligibility for the ACP.

How to Qualify for FreedomPop Free Internet via the ACP

FreedomPop Free Internet

There are two ways to qualify for free internet from FreedomPop via the ACP. You can either use your annual household income or your participation in a government assistance program. Here’s a detailed review of the ACP qualification criteria:

1. Income-Based Qualification

You can use FreedomPop for free internet via the ACP if your aggregate annual family income is below twice the prevailing poverty guidelines. The actual income limits may vary depending on your residence, family size, and time. For 2022, the following are the poverty guidelines and the resultant income thresholds:

No. of family or household membersFederal Poverty Guidelines for 2022 (48 states and Washington DC)ACP income thresholds (48 states and Washington DC)Federal poverty guideline for 2022 (Hawaii)ACP Income thresholds (Hawaii)Federal poverty guidelines for 2022 (Alaska)ACP Income thresholds (Alaska)
Each additional family/ household member$4,720$9,440$5,430$10,860$5,900$11,800

Poverty guidelines are uniform in 48 states and Washington, DC. Therefore, the ACP income limits for these states are the same. For example, in a five-member household, the income limit is $64,940. A six-member family in these states needs an annual income of up to $74,380. That represents a $9,440 difference due to the extra family member.

Hawaii is one of the two states with different poverty guidelines. If you live in a five-member household on the island, you’ll require an aggregate annual household income of up to $74,700 to qualify for the ACP. A six-member household should have an income of up to $96,420. The extra family member leads to an $10,860 increase in the income threshold.

In Alaska, the poverty guidelines are the most accommodating. A five-member household needs an annual income of up to $81,180 to get free internet courtesy of the ACP. If you have a six-member household, you would need an annual income of up to $92,980. The income due to the extra family member is $11,800.

2. Participation in Lifetime Assistance

Lifetime Assistance is one of the Federal programs through which low-income families can get free or subsidized telephone and internet services. ParticipatIon in the Lifeline program results in automatic qualification for the ACP.

As a Lifeline member, you do not h have to apply for the ACP. Once you enroll for the ACP, you’ll enjoy discounts from the ACP and Lifeline programs. Besides the $30 (or $75 on Tribal Lands) you will get from.25 (or $34.25 on Tribal Lands).

3. Benefit from Lifeline-Eligible Programs

You don’t have to benefit from Lifeline Assistance to qualify for the ACP. Instead, you only need to benefit from at least one Lifeline-Eligible program. The followership is some of the government assistance programs that can enable you to use FreedomPop for free internet:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): You’ll get supplemental security income if you are a disabled child or adult. If any of your household members get SII, you can use the program documentation to apply for the ACP.
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors’ Benefit: Wartime veterans often get a pension from the government. If they die in war, their families get a survivor’s benefit. With documents proving participation of a family member in any of the two programs, you can qualify for the ACP.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program was formerly called Food Stamps. It is a Federal program that enables low-income families to purchase food at designated stores using Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards (EBTCs). A household that benefits from the SNAP program can get free internet from FreedomPop.
  • Medicaid: Many Americans who cannot pay for their medication benefit from Medicaid. Through the program, they get free treatment in any medical institution. These families can get into the ACP program using their Medicaid documents.
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance: Do you get government assistance with your rent? You certainly participate in the Federal Public Housing Assistance program and can use related documents to use FreedomPop free internet.

4. Benefit from Other Forms of Government Assistance

There are other government assistance programs that do not necessarily qualify you for Lifeline Assistance. However, these programs can earn you a direct qualification for the ACP. The following are some of the assistance programs that can help you get free internet from FreedomPop courtesy of the ACP:

  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program: Do any of the women, infants, and children in your house benefit from WIC? This is a specialised program that targets mothers and their children. With the right documents, you can expressly qualify for the ACP.
  • Federal Pell Grant: In every low-income family, there’s likely to be an undergraduate student whose fees and living expenses are paid for through the Federal Pell Grant. It presents a perfect opportunity for those wishing to participate in the ACP.
  • School National Lunch Program (SNLP): There are several programs through which Tribal, State, and Federal authorities provide free meals to K-12 students from low-income families. For example, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a program that specifically targets students in community schools. If your kids are in any of these programs, you can get FreedomPop free internet.

5. Participation in Tribal Assistance

If you live on Tribal Lands, you could be a beneficiary of any of the programs offered there. So, you may qualify for the $75 Tribal Lands subsidy either through your annual household income or by participating in a Tribal-Lands-specific program. Here are examples of the assistance programs that are specifically offered to members of tribes:

  • Tribal TANF: The Tribal TANF program temporarily helps needy families until they can earn enough to take care of their needs. It helps parents who are out of work for some time. During the time when your household is benefitting from Tribal TANF, you can use the documentation to apply for FreedomPop free internet.
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR): Through the USDA, the Federal government distributes food to low-income families on Tribal Lands. Families that benefit from this program can also get the ACP discount.
  • Tribal Head Start: Tribal Head Start is a program through which the Federal government supports children from tribes to get equal opportunity in education. The program avails round-trip transport, a structured learning experience, and supplemental income. Thus, documents for participation in the program can help you get the $75 discount.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance: The Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance helps low-income families on Tribal Lands to meet their need for food, shelter, and clothing. Documents from this program can help you prove that you’re needy and eligible to join the ACP program.

How to Apply for FreedomPop Free Internet

You can only use FreedomPop for free internet by applying for it. Application is either through the FreedomPop website, ACP website, Lifeline Website, or the National Verifier website. Furthermore, you may apply for FreedomPop free internet via snail mail. Here is an overview of all of these programs:

1. Application Via FreedomPop

FreedomPop has outlined a simple application process to help you apply for free internet via the ACP. Start by verifying your eligibility status on the National Verifier website before selecting one of the FreedomPop plans. The company also allows you to pick a tablet for a $19 co-payment using the $100 one-time discount. Lastly, you can go ahead and activate your internet plan.  You may keep your number or get a completely new one.

2. Application Through Mail

One of the ways to get free internet from FreedomPop is to send in the application via snail mail. In that case, you must download and print out the application form. After filling it in with all the required information, attach the eligibility documents, and send via mail. The following is the address through which you need to send your application: ACP Support Center, P. O. Box 7081, London, KY 40742

3. Online Application

The USAC operates several websites through which you can apply for free internet from FreedomPop. One of them is the National Verifier, which makes it possible for you to check your eligibility status and complete the application form.

Once you have verified your eligibility, the website redirects you to a page where you can complete the application. Fill out the form, attach digital copies of eligibility documents, and submit. Alternative USAC-operated websites are those for the ACP and Lifeline.

Documents you Need to Use FreedomPop Free Internet

When applying for free internet from FreedomPop, you must provide several documents proving your identity, income, and participation in government assistance. You may only need one document in each category for qualify for the ACP. For proof-of-income documents, you may provide a document for each person earning some money in your household.

Therefore, before you can start applying for free internet from FreedomPop, collect the following categories of documents:

1. Document to Prove Your Identity

You need to prove your identity as you submit your application for the ACP discount. Eligible proof-of-identity documents should contain your full legal name, date of birth (DoB), and Social Security Number (SSN). Any of the documents listed below should work:

  • US passport
  • Foreign passport
  • A birth certificate
  • A valid state-issued driver’s license
  • Certificate of citizenship or
  • Certificate of naturalization
  • A federal, state, Tribal, or military ID

2. Proof of Income Documents

To use FreedomPop for free internet through the ACP, you must provide document proving that your household income is below twice the poverty guidelines. The documents you provide will depend on the income sources available to your household.

Proof-of-income documents usually come from a company or government agency providing the income. Thus, they should have the name of the paying entity, your name, and the income. If you make your income monthly, you should provide enough document copies to show the annual household income. There are many proof-of-income documents you may use but the following are the most common:

  • Federal, state, or Tribal tax returns
  • Social Security statement of benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation documents
  • Veterans Administration statement of benefits
  • Pension documentation
  • Your pay check stubs for 12 months
  • A divorce decree
  • A child support award
  • any document proving your annual family income

3. Proof of Participation in Government Assistance

If you or a loved one participates in a government assistance program, you must provide documents proving the fact. It could be a program involving you, your children, or the entire household. Only one program document is necessary in each case.

Acceptable documents will have the name of the issuing organization, the beneficiary’s name, and the expiry date, which should not be more than 12 months in the future. Depending on the assistance program, the following are some of the documents you may use:

  • Benefits award letter
  • Program approval letter
  • Program verification letter
  • Program statement of benefits
  • Children’s school documentation

4. Other Documents You May Need

Besides proving your identity, income, and participation in a government assistance program, you may also need to verify your address. FreedomPop may require you to submit a bank statement or utility bill to confirm your address. The address on the documents should be similar to what you provided in the application form.

Plus, emancipated minors may apply for the ACP if they prove their new legal status. Required documents include a court order or certificate of emancipation.

Benefits of Using FreedomPop Free Internet

There are many reasons why you should use Freedom Pop for free internet. By joining the FreedomPop network, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ability to bring your phone and keep your number
  • Participate in one of the largest GSM networks in the US
  • Free unlimited Wi-Fi network
  • No need for app installation
  • No-contract arrangement
  • International calls, visual voicemail, and VoLTE

The Bottom Line

You can use Freedom Pop for free internet, either by joining the network for the first time or enrolling for the ACP. As a first-time Freedom Pop customer, you’ll get up to 1GB of data.

Low-income families that qualify for the ACP can get substantially better internet deals. With the $30 subsidy, they can get most Freedom Pop internet plans free. It gets even better with the $75 Tribal Lands subsidy.

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