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How to Access NetZero Free Internet with Plans

NetZero free internet is available to everyone who needs to connect with family members and friends worldwide. It allows you to use the internet for free. After enrolling in the program, you’ll get 4G internet plans worldwide.

The NetZero free internet program provides a daily or monthly data allocation to eligible subscribers. The only catch is that you must buy a mobile broadband device from NetZero.

What Is NetZero

NetZero is an American communications company that has existed since its founding in the 1990s. It has a large customer base, providing prepaid and postpaid internet packages.

Even though based in the U.S., the company’s SIM card can be used globally. That means that you can get a NetZero internet connection anywhere, anytime.

Users get free packages from the company’s paid-for internet packages on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks. With NetZero, connecting with family and friends could not be easier.

How to Get NetZero Free Internet

NetZero Free Internet

There’s only one way to get NetZero free internet – purchase a NetZero mobile broadband device. Once you have acquired the device, you’ll get 200MB of free internet from NetZero. This is a welcome package that’s suitable for occasion web browsing.

You may purchase any NetZero broadband device, including a USB stick modem, for $69.95. Alternatively, NetZero offers a Wi-Fi hotspot device for $129.95. You’ll get 200MB of data monthly with any of these devices. However, the hotspot device also makes it possible for you to get unlimited Wi-Fi data.

NetZero Internet Plans

NetZero, a worldwide ISPs, has elaborate 4G mobile broadband plans for paying and non-paying customers. The internet plans are portable, flexible, and easy to carry anywhere worldwide. Users can even enjoy free internet on the 200MB plan.

NetZero has the following internet plans for December 2022:

PlanPriceMonthly DataType of ConnectionBest For
Free$0200MBMobile BroadbandOccasional web browsing
Basic$17.951GBMobile BroadbandEmail and light browsing
Plus$27.952GBMobile BroadbandEmail and light browsing
Pro$45.954GBMobile BroadbandEmail and frequent browsing
Platinum$63.956GBMobile BroadbandStreaming, gaming, and frequent browsing
Platinum Plus$79.958GBMobile BroadbandStreaming, gaming, and frequent browsing

The cheapest NetZero internet plan costs $17.95 and provides 1GB of mobile broadband data monthly. It’s called the Basic Plan and is suitable for light browsing and email. With $27.95 monthly, you’ll get 2GB of data for light browsing and email. The most expensive is the Platinum Plus plan, which costs $79.95 per month for 8GB of data. You can use it for frequent web browsing, streaming videos, and gaming.

How to Get NetZero Free Internet Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

NetZero free internet is available daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your needs. The network has specific shortcodes, which you can dial to get free mobile data. Depending on the designated duration of the free internet, it is valid for one day, one week, or 30 days. However, some packages offer free internet for up to three months.

The table below displays NetZero’s free internet packages:

NetZero Free Internet PackageHow to Get It
Free NetZero 50GB InternetDial *123#
Free Unlimited 100GB InternetDial *#009##
NetZero Free Prepaid 10GB InternetDial *123#
Unlimited Internet on HotspotBuy a brand-new 4G broadband device

By dialing *123#, you’ll access options to get free 50GB of data from NetZero. Dialing the same code can also give NetZero free 10GB for prepaid customers l. On the other hand, free 100GB of unlimited internet is available after dialing *#009##.

How to Get NetZero Free Internet on the Prepaid Service

NetZero free internet is available to customers who sign up for a new prepaid connection. Therefore you must be a new customer joining NetZero for the first time to enjoy the package. After buying and installing the NetZero phone number or SIM card, you will get free internet for one month.

The free internet package is suitable for connecting with loved ones on social networks or browsing the internet lightly. After one month, NetZero will give you a 50% discount on your internet bills for three months.

The free prepaid internet package for new customers provides up to 10GB of data for 30 days. You can get it by dialing the NetZero shortcode *123# or calling 789 and following the instructions. All unused data expires after 30 days.

How to Get NetZero Free Internet for Existing Customers

Existing NetZero prepaid customers can get a 50% discount on their monthly internet plans by switching to the postpaid service. The deal provides free data and talk time to all migrating customers. Therefore, you can browse the internet and make calls free of charge.

The 50% discount is for one month for all new postpaid customers. You should download and install the NetZero app on your smartphone for more information on the offer. After creating an account and signing in, activate offers and packages.

How to Get NetZero Free Internet for All Connections

The NetZero network provides many ways to access free internet for its customers globally. It utilizes periodic promotions to increase its customer base. Anyone can benefit from the periodical discounts by always being on the lookout.

NetZero Internet packages are as cheap as $1 or as expensive as $900, depending on the location. But that doesn’t mean you must always use paid internet packages. Taking advantage of the many discounts can help you save substantial money.

However, you don’t have to buy a NetZero package to get free internet. NetZero has settings for free internet, which users can save on their phones and get reduced mobile recharge. The settings are non-standard and help you cut down on the cost of the internet.

Install NetZero free internet settings using the following procedure:

  • Step 1: Open Settings on your phone.
  • Step 2: Open Networks and select NetZero.
  • Step 3: Click Access Point Settings.
  • Step 4: Create an access point and name it ‘Planspapa Free.’
  • Step 5: Enter ‘Internet’ or ‘web.’
  • Step 6: Save settings.
  • Step 7: Open the NetZero App.
  • Step 8: Create a new account. You’ll get 10GB data for free.

Besides, free NetZero internet is also available on old, unused SIM cards. So, do you have an old NetZero SIM card? Slot it in your phone, turn it on and get free internet data, unlimited calls, and messages.

The Bottom Line

NetZero free internet is available to new customers taking up any of the company’s sign-up deals. Those who wish to switch from prepaid to postpaid may also get free internet. This is a one-time option that involves activating NetZero setting on your phone.

The free internet packages range between 200MB to 100GB of data. It all depends on the deal you choose and the sign-up modalities. The NetZero data is suitable for email, basic internet browsing, gaming, and streaming videos online.

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